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Let our Travel & safari experts help you choose a holiday tailored perfectly for you in the destinations that we offer service. Our East and southern Africa Safari Experts shares a handful of oddities that set them aside from the flock. They love African safaris and have travelled to different destinations in Africa specifically to our served destinations, well vast with great information about ticketing, safaris and journeys. To be a great Expert, they must grow their specialisation on product at a time, through theory training and safari or travel experience, which approves standard information to be offered to clients on a safari. Our team is pragmatic, truly committed to provide our clients positively dreamy safari vacations. Discover our current package safaris our check the bespoke safaris in order to find out how you can become an Expert in East and southern Africa.

Marcus has a reputation for pushing his creative teams further than any other creative director. He makes them work late nights, weekends and through holidays in pursuit of that one truly breakthrough creative idea. And when they’ve finally cracked it after weeks of gruelling and thankless work, Marcus will triumphantly stand in front of the client and present it as an idea he had in the shower that morning instead.

I remember most the trip I took to see mountain gorillas in bwindi forest, but I have been to 8 of 10 Uganda national parks. Wildlife is in diversity and scenery makes me long to get away from the sameness of Kampala where I work and live in a city of gentle hills, narrow and noisy streets. Though, I have never been outside Uganda, for that matter it's neighbors - Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and DR Congo, Africa and the western world at large have meant so much to my imagination than in reality. Like any virtual world traveler out there, I travel the world from my laptop with fingers flying over the keyboard. I live on the chaos of the internet creating content.